Hello Bitebot users!

You probably reached this site because you want to enhance lunch ordering experience in your office. We have a piece of good news! Bitebot is evolving.

We started a new brand of Slack Bots under UBOTS name and we just released a Bitebot successor: Lunch Bot. It is a completely new experience directly in Slack (no external site needed!).

We were listening to your feedback and as a part of going forward, bitebot.io is going to shut down on 01.02.2021.

But no worries, your data will be safe. If you want to migrate to our new invention install it on your workspace and write to the support on our UBOTS home page. We will perform the migration for you.

Psst, contact us on hello@ubots.xyz to get a free 3-month premium package for Lunch Bot!

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Coordinate everyday lunches
directly in Slack

You don't need to pay your coworkers back every time you eat together
Bitebot will know when it's your turn to pick up the tab

1 Start new order

You can start a new order on any Slack channel. Include restaurant's name or, even better, link to the menu

2 Pick what you'd like

Everyone can join the order with a single line of text

3 Close when ready

After everybody picked what they’d like, Bitebot will select who’s placing the order in restaurant and is paying this time

4 Confirm delivery and payment

Update team’s balance after your order has arrived and is paid for. You can adjust individual prices and include shared costs - like delivery and tip - or discounts

5 See how balance changed

After confirming order you can see how each participant's balance changed and track all previous orders

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Quickly gather orders

With a single Slack command all your team members can place an order for today's lunch and be sure a person responsible for making it happen will be chosen

Automatic & cashless

Giving money back is awkward. That's why you never have to do it with Bitebot. Just settle order and everybody's balance will automatically update

Single payment or split payment

Person with the lowest balance will be selected by Bitebot to place an order with a restaurant and pay for everybody. Can't pay? No problem - bill can be split with others

Easier way to eat

Going out for lunch every once in a while is fun. Having to go out for lunch every day is exhausting and extremely time consuming. Bitebot makes it easy to quickly organize delivery to your office

Not only for lunches

Much more. You can use Bitebot to settle any kind of payment, like the evening you all went for drinks after work, or, you know, bowling

Save money

It's cheaper to order together. Not only you split the delivery, but many restaurants will give discounts for bigger orders

Mobile friendly

Not everything is the easiest with Slack; that's why you can manage orders straight from your mobile device

Frustration saver

We save time for all your ream members. Not only it's easier to order, gather and manage all orders, but it's no longer necessary to individually pay back with transfer or cash

It's better to eat together

You not only order together, but also can eat together. It's healthy for teams to bond during break times

Always up-to-date balance

See who owes the most. See who paid the most. And everyone in between

Multiple orders

You can run multiple orders at the same time - just start them on different Slack channels

Full history access

Easily access all previous orders, so you can always track your balance

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